Peace Cafe Eilat (Israel)

We spoke to an Irish girl who was working there. She works seven hours a day and gets only 30 shekels for it! She said it shouldn’t be hard for us to find work on a building site. She informed us that the best way to get such jobs is to wait outside the pub next door (the Peace Café) at 6.00 in the morning. Apparently it is possible to earn 8 shekels an hour this way. This sounded pretty reasonable so we decided to do just that.

After a couple of pints of bitter (3 shekels) and a vegetable chilli (5 shekels), we ventured next door to the Peace Café, largely out of curiosity as the American had said there were usually loads of fights there. Again, there were plenty of the British working class drinking there. Also there was a man lying on the floor with a blanket next to a large dog with one ear.

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Συγγραφέας: Rudy Willems

Emiritus hoogleraar filosofie woont in Antwerpen


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