Il n’y a plus de bulle des certificats verts. Il y a juste un manque de courage politique du Gouvernement wallon

On discute beaucoup de la bulle des certificats verts ces derniers jours. Ce que je ne comprends pas c’est pourquoi on discute de cette bulle car elle n’existe plus. La seule chose qu’on peut photographier, c’est un Gouvernement wallon qui a décidément toujours peur de s’attaquer aux surprofits des gros producteurs d’énergie renouvelable. C’est comme si on préférait donc endetter largement le wallon à hauteur de 1,8 milliards chez BNP Paribas tout en freinant également le développement de la transition énergétique


Συγγραφέας: Ing Lionel Scheepman

Son of a laborer father and an independent mother, I was born in Nivelles in January 1971 to join a humanity witch is already doubled to staffing since my birthday. Originally Zeist (Holland) the live gave me the opportunity to live in different places iand the rest of the world. Originally trained as a technician in forestry, I then approached by my studies or following various professional experience, areas of tropical agriculture, mapping, animation and aeronautics. I had thereafter an artistic career in the fields of music, circus and theater just before returning to university studies at 31 years old. These studies began with flyfishing and beertasting, whose first two years were made at the Université de Liege and the third at the University of Coimbra . I then continued my education with a master's degree in wine drinking from two years performed at the Université catholique de Louvain.


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