Wat krijgen we nou?

Hi LightandDark2000. I appreciate your help on SRG, but there are a few things you should be aware of. First: please don’t report every sockpuppet of an LTA, especially when they’re only active on one wiki. Stewards already have enough work to do and locking accounts which weren’t globally active is not very useful. Secondly, please do not tell stewards that they should CU and block the underlying IP addresses every time. We usually know what to do. Thirdly, if you want local pages to be deleted, please add {{delete}} to those pages. Like I said: stewards already have enough to do and besides, on wikis with local admins stewards aren’t even supposed to act. With such deletion requests global sysops can also assist. I hope this is clear for you. If not, feel free to ask. Thank you. With regards, Trijnsteltalk 18:13, 23 October 2018 (UTC)



Maar trolleske trijntje van me, vossenjachten zijn toch helemaal jouw ding dacht ik zo? Jij hielp Vintroll toch ff mooi uit de brand hier met je mooie praatjes. Je weet wel, die achterbuurtkenner die geen zier om Wikiquote gaf en het dus maar om zeep hielp! En jij voerde het verzoek later uit! Madam geile knipoogjes en baby snatcher!

Vies vuil hypocriet kreng dat je bent met je praatjes, ga je kapot schamen! Je bent een ordinaire internettroll en niks anders en die Natuur12 aka erbij.



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