Community Wishlist Survey 2019 Pt. 1

The Wiki Cabal

The Community Wishlist Survey 2019 is the annual edition of the “tell us what you want” festival organised by the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Wikimedia Foundation don’t do everything that has been asked for, but do some of the easier stuff if enough people support it.

Admins and stewards

Admins and stewards – 7 proposals

Create an integrated anti-spam/vandalism tool

Idea by Ajraddatz, create a better tool to combat spammers by combining “the functions of the spam and title blacklists, as well as limited abusefilter functionality, to better respond to ongoing spam and vandalism at the global/cross-wiki level”.

This idea is good with a low likelihood of implementation.

The main barrier to implementation is the difficulty of getting such a complicated tool created, there is no easy way to add anything to abusefilter without writing abusefilter code so that would have to be crafted. There is no easy way to add…

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